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Candidate User Rights Policy

The EduClasses® FoodManagersCertification.com program is dedicated to the success and satisfaction of our candidate base. EduClasses® holds true to the fundamental belief that the success of our candidates directly reflects the success of the FoodManagersCertification.com program. To maintain the continued success and growth of the candidate, as well as that of FoodManagersCertification.com, the following directives must be followed:

  • EduClasses® will in no way discriminate against any who choose to purchase and take their examination through FoodManagersCertification.com.
  • EduClasses® will always allow the candidate the right to view and/or print their certificate at any time before the candidate’s certificate expires.
  • EduClasses® will in no way prohibit or censor any complaint regarding the examination, website mechanics, or staff regardless of how it is received (Phone, email, support ticket, in person) from access of upper management.


Updated: 1/12/2021