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  • Food Manager Exam Options

    Learning objectives

    $25 ANAB-CFP Exam available for purchase now.  Proctored by Prometric & ProProctor.

    FMC Online Food Manager Training is coming soon!  

    The FMC Food Managers Certification Certified Food Protection Manager (CFPM) proctored examination is for any person who is seeking ANAB-CFP accreditation.

    To view the examination Learning Objectives click here.

    Examination Content and the Types of Questions on the Exam
    This ANSI National Accreditation Board (ANAB-CFP) accredited FMC CFPM Certification Examination will consist of seventy (70) multiple choice questions, with a specific number of each covering the following topics:

    • Protect Food - fourteen (14) questions;
    • Purchase, Receive and Store Food - eight (8) questions;
    • Prepare Food - seventeen (17) questions;
    • Serve and Display Food - seven (7) questions;
    • Cleaning, Sanitizing and Maintenance - six (6) questions;
    • Maintaining Facilities - four (4) questions;
    • Food Personnel and Hygiene - ten (10) questions;
    • Following Regulations - four (4) questions.

    You will have one and a half hours to complete the proctored ANAB-CFP exam.

    Course details:

    • FMC® ANAB-CFP CFPM Exam Fee: $25.00
    • Prometric® & ProProctor Proctor Fees: $40
    • Exam access for 60 days
    • Study access for 5 years
    • 1 chance to pass timed exam
    • Certificate valid for 5 years


The training you need without the hassle

Simple and Secure exams proctored by Prometric ®

Simple and Secure

FMC® Food Managers Certification offers an easy and elegant way to obtain your nationally approved certified food manager certificate at minimal cost and effort to you.

The FMC® Exams are proctored by Prometric®, ProProctor & EduProctor™
Online Food Manager Training Course

Training Evolved

Gone are the days of attending physical classes to become certified. Our online Food Manager training program can be completed in a shorter time, and at your own pace!
ANAB-CFP Accredited and Approved

ANAB LogoANAB-CFP Accredited

EduClasses® FMC® CFPM program is recognized nationwide and is ANAB-CFP accredited and approved. That means you can be sure our CFPM examination is of the highest quality.

"The FMC® Exam is the MOST PRACTICAL Exam in the Industry!"
- L Thomas, Tenured Food Safety Professional